Stainless steel pot used in common problems

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Newly bought stainless steel wok and soup pot, first wash with water, and then boil away, but found the pot speckled a long white rust, with rags can not afford. After this soup can be supposed to do? . Do not know the human body has no effect? What can be cleared?

This is not a pan problem, but a water problem. If it is burning tap water, it must have water rust.With purified water or bottled purified water, water rust certainly will not have any other pot will have white spots, but it is not easy to see nothing.The stainless steel pot is relatively smooth and There is a mirror effect, so more obvious. Think about it makes sense?

Water rust with steel balls can be erased.If there is scratches, cotton cloth with toothpaste can be gently rubbed.

2. Why stainless steel pan after the emergence of orange rust like rust, the pot harmful to the body?

Stainless steel pot in the open flame heating or heating at high temperature, the bottom or around the orange patches will appear, this is not the performance of stainless steel pot rust, but the outer surface of steel and carbon high temperature carbonization of carbon performance, the iron And carbon atoms shorter distance, the skin appears high temperature oxidation, there orange section, the rigidity will be strengthened in the process of eating will not have any impact on the human body, please rest assured that the use.

3. Stainless steel pot yellow after use how to clean?

Pot body will have yellow phenomenon, the Department of stainless steel material characteristics, you can use white vinegar soak cleaning can be improved, the phenomenon does not cause harm to the human body.

4. Stainless steel pot is good, that is a little bit of trouble to clean up. For example, steamed buns steamed several times, when cleaning the steamer, it will be found in the bottom of the pot white little. Stubborn water alkali, how hard to wash with washcloth can not wash. Occasionally make a stained pot to burn, and even after using blisters soft get rid of, but the bottom of the pot appears dark brown paste, but also looks like a lot of trouble. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, to a simple and easy to use method:

1. Prepare a bottle of white vinegar, or any vinegar you do not need, as long as the cheaper the better.

2. Put the white vinegar into the pot (do not watered in the white vinegar), no water or alkali paste, put it aside for a period of time, the specific time Well, depends on your home pot was spoiled extent. Generally 10-20 minutes can be.

3. Then wipe the kitchen towel rough surface with water and dirt, then rinse with water on it




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