Seven precautions when using wok

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

The newly purchased wok is easily damaged. Therefore, the use of wok, we must note the following seven points:

1, the newly purchased wok, you need to use some hard brush brush; pot pore fouling and water absorption, the pot can be filled with water for 3 to 5 minutes, then clean and dry stand-by. But be careful, soaking time should not be too long. Wok on the stove before burning things, should also be the surface of the pot dry. Newly purchased wok for the first time, it is best used to boil porridge, or use it to cook a thick boiled rice water to plug the tiny pores of the casserole to prevent water seepage.

2, boil soup with stew, stew, you must first go to the wok water, then wok placed on the fire, first with slow fire, and then stir; wok is burning things if the pot less soup , Need to add water, avoid adding cold water, add warm water or hot water; the same time, the pot of soup can not overflow, to prevent the pot outside the water and burst.

3, if you are using coal stove heating, to prevent the end of the wok and coal arrived.

4, brittle and brittle wok, use should be gently.

5, just run out of the wok, the best on the iron frame or dry wood or straw mat, not on the wetlands, tiles or concrete floor, or sudden temperature changes, wok easily burst.

6, do not use the wok boil thick sticky nourishing food.

7, wok wall color is not suitable for storing wine, vinegar and acidic drinks and food.

8, wok's special material, wait until the wok cooling and then clean. And can not use detergent to soak, to avoid the sewage into the pores of the wok, how to wash also can not afford to wash. Washed wok to wait until the water is completely dry before it can be put away, otherwise it may grow blackhead mold.




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