What material wok good?

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

One study showed that cooking vegetables in a wok can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables. Researchers to cucumber, tomato, cabbage, cabbage and other 7 kinds of fresh vegetables to do the experiment. The results showed that: the use of wok cooking dishes, save vitamin C content was significantly higher than the use of stainless steel pot and non-stick pan. Researchers believe that from increasing human intake of vitamin C and health considerations, wok should be the first choice of cooking vegetables. Although aluminum pot cooking can also retain more vitamin C, but easy to dissolve the aluminum negative for health.

In addition, when the salt is cooked, the salt can save more vitamin C than the salt when not ripe, but also can reduce the exudation of the water in the vegetable and ensure the fresh taste. Often use wok cooking, the prevention of iron deficiency anemia benefit.





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