What are the characteristics of aluminum pot?

Time:2022-10-31 12:41:45

The aluminum pot is light, durable, fast heating, uniform heating, and not rust, but it is not suitable for cooking acidic or alkaline foods and too salty foods. Otherwise, the aluminum in the cooking utensils will dissolve a large amount of contaminated food. A large number of studies have shown that too many aluminum intake will accelerate the aging of people, and aluminum is still the root cause of dementia.

It is understood that aluminum products mainly include refined aluminum (soft aluminum) products and cast aluminum (hard aluminum) products. The materials are aluminum and aluminum alloy. The surface color can be divided into white, light yellow and other colors. White aluminum products are divided into two types: casting and stamping. The surface of the cast aluminum products is treated by car light and mechanical polishing. The surface is white, but the metal tissue is loose, and there are certain casting defects. The stamped aluminum products are washed, sand, and mechanical polishing. The surface is a natural oxide film. The thickness of the membrane is only 0.01-0.15 μm. It is thin and uneven. The yellow aluminum product is the oxidation of the pressure of the stamping product, which generates a layer of light yellow artificial oxide film on the surface. The oxide film is generally 5-20 μm thick, evenly dense, and under the action of strong alkali, the film does not damage for 100 seconds. Therefore, light yellow aluminum products are the best. It is beautiful, easy to remove dirt, strong corrosion resistance, and strong abrasion resistance.

In daily life, many people like to use steel ball balls to polish the bottom of the aluminum pot. Experts said that although this is wiped off the stains on the pot, it also wiped off the surface of the aluminum cooker. Essence Therefore, when using aluminum cookers, aluminum pots and other aluminum cooking utensils, there is no need to wipe off the light yellow rust on the surface.





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