How to choose a stainless steel pot?

Time:2022-10-31 12:42:46

The key to the bottom of the pot lies in the bottom of the pot. The thickness distribution of the aluminum layer of the three -layer composite bottom should be evenly distributed. Some three -layer composite structure Stainless steel pot aluminum layer thickness distribution is unevenly distributed, such as thinness on both sides and thickness in the middle, which causes uneven thermal conductivity of the bottom of the pot. The structure of the pot lid must be reasonable and the sealing is better. The design of the micro -convex pot lid can allow the water to circulate naturally, and the sealing properties make the calories not easy to lose. The handle should not be hot, because the handle that is easy to do is easily aging.

Choose stainless steel cookers suitable for furnaces such as gas stoves, induction cookers, microwave ovens.




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