What should I pay attention to when choosing a pressure cooker?

Time:2022-10-31 12:40:32

① Pressure pots with pressure -limiting devices, safety pressure protection devices, and opening and closing cover pressure protection devices. In particular, there are still a large number of old -fashioned open cover pressure protection devices on the market. These pressure cookers have been eliminated, which does not meet the current national standard requirements.

② Shop according to needs. Aluminum alloy pressure cookers are hot and uniformly heated; stainless steel pressure cookers are beautiful, smooth and wear -resistant, but the heat conduction is slow, heated concentration, and it is easy to paste. However, some stainless steel pressure cookers have increased compound bottoms and improved performance.

③ Pay attention to the appearance quality of the pressure cooker. Some individual vendors have a rough workmanship and burrs on the edge of the pot body. It is recommended that consumers go to large shopping malls to buy products from large manufacturers. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the product has trademarks, plants, and factories. It is best to check whether the pressure cooker has a inspection report issued by the technical supervision department.

④ The overall intensity of the pressure cooker will also decrease with the extension of the use period. According to relevant national regulations, the maximum use period of the pressure cooker is 8 years. All the pressure cookers used in the overdue are unsafe pressure cookers and must be replaced.





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